About us


While globalization has led to lower costs and a higher variation of clothing, available to everyone. It has unfortunately also led to a lack of daring, creative designs. As most design, nowadays, is focused on a worldwide audience, they tend to be general and boring, in an attempt to appeal to most.

Sign Language, however, simply wants to make awesome designs for the sake of it. Bringing vibrant colours and unique designs to your wardrobe. In an attempt to undo the bland look that nowadays attire mostly supports. These designs are all hand-drawn and developed by yours truly, therefore, completely unique. Ensuring that those who dare to stand out, do so, looking hella’ good while they’re at it.



At Sign Language we aren’t blind to the ongoing climate crisis our planet has to endure. While we, as a clothing brand, cannot make significant changes the least we can do is make people aware. To ensure we do not worsen the state of our climate all our clothing products are made of 100% biological and recycled fabrics.

But that’s not where we stop. In order to compensate for the CO2-emmissions resulting from our delivery service, we vow to plant a tree for every product purchased on our webstore. Donating trees to the Team Trees Foundation. Supporting their valiant effort to make this place a little better, one tree at a time.



Our goals would mean nothing if they weren’t represented in the form of a high-end product. Luckily our use of organic cotton and recycled polyester ensures exactly that. While this does come with a price tag attached to it, it greatly increases the lifespan of our products. Guaranteeing that, ideally , our products will last you decades if not a lifetime. Adding yet another layer of sustainability in the form of durability. But greatness, comes at a cost.